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“A poster girl with no poster…”- Ani DiFranco

Hailing from lovely Western Massachusetts, I was an inquisitive and active child from the get-go. Spending my days doing everything from reading the Encyclopedia and having tea parties to climbing trees and building forts, I would not let my gender define my actions. Growing older, the once seemingly innocent harassment from boys became harsher and inequities faced became more evident. But, instead of accepting or ignoring this discrimination, I took action.

As a result, my interest in women’s rights and gender issues blossomed and developed into 15 years of research and advocacy in the area. For many years, I have held leadership positions to raise awareness and promote a better social and economic environment for women around the world, including positions in student government and within volunteer based organizations such as the United States Committee for UN Women. During my time at graduate school, I contributed to our student-run school newspaper covering the gender dimension on topics ranging from domestic politics to international human rights to popular culture. Professionally, my focus has been on gender equity in the context of international development and economics with experience at the World Bank and the United Nations.

In my spare time, I am a novice guitarist, a live music junkie, a dancing fiend and appreciator of art.

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