Music Therapy

Heart circa: 1977

Heart circa: 1977

Music can cross borders, gender and ethnicity while simultaneously having the capacity to bind us culturally, nationally and spiritually- the beauty of music to bring together the familiar or diverse is amazing. Music achieves the complex feat of reaching and inspiring us in ways both relatable and inexplicable. Ultimately the music that we love, that attracts us, that drives us, does so by understanding us and allowing us to experience and articulate all those feelings for which words are at a loss. As such, music has the grand ability to sooth, heal and express like nothing else.

My appreciation for music has only blossomed since I hijacked my parents’ copy of Carole King’s Tapestry, sparking dreams of singer stardom. While a career in the spotlight was not in the cards, my love for music never waned. In addition, to my musings on music here, you can tune into my radio show “The Witching Hour” every Wednesday from 2:30-4:30pm on 91.1 WMUA Amherst or peruse my past critiques of independent artists at Inyourspeakers Media.

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